Altitude Xperience

The Altitude Xperience suite is a complete, modular contact center software solution that provides all the functionality required to provide customers with the best experience.

The modularity of the contact center software solution allows contact centers to grow according to business needs, avoiding significant upfront investments. Whether you use all the modules, just part of the solution, or use it for 10 or 100 agents, Altitude Xperience, our modular contact center software, gives you the ability to engage with your customers and provide them with outstanding service.

Agent Desktop

Altitude Agent Desktop supports all communication channels available to customers and enables agents to provide quick, correct and consistent answers regardless of the channel.


Altitude Dialer leverages customer information to determine the best time and phone type to successfully call a contact, taking into consideration the available human resources and compliance with legislation.

Door to Door

Altitude Door to Door is a mobile application created to help perform external interactions with customers.

Management Portal

Altitude Management Portal is a web-based application to manage and monitor multimedia contact center operations, performance, and the outcome of activities in real time.


With Altitude Mobility interactions from mobile apps are placed in a unified queue and distributed to agents according to priorities and other defined rules.


Altitude Multimedia contact center software offers a variety of channels, from the traditional phone, to self-service apps and IVR up to social media and blogging.


Altitude Recorder enables contact centers to record calls for multiple reasons, such as checking regulatory compliance, monitoring employee performance and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Recording

Altitude Enterprise Recording records the voice and the screens of agents and saves it together with the associated metadata.


Altitude Unified Router is a multimedia, software-based intelligent routing system that is part of the Altitude contact center software and allows contact center management to improve service.

Social Media

Altitude Social Media contact center software allows companies to make social media part of their customer service strategy.

Scripting Studio

Altitude Scripting Studio contact center software is a unique and single development application to build agent, IVR, routing, and workflow scripts.

Strategy Center

Altitude Strategy Center contact center software enables an automated dialing process that improves business results by choosing the right contacts to dial at the right time and aligns the dialing process with business goals.

Visual Configuration & Supervision

Altitude Visual & Configuration Supervision provides your contact center with visual routing of multimedia interactions.

Visual IP (Interaction Processing)

Altitude Visual IP empowers your contact center operations to visually change the flow of the script, in real time, to meet the dynamic changes of any business.

Voice Portal

Altitude Voice Portal allows speech-enabled and touch-tone access to business applications, such as self-service customer care and outbound notification, improving customer experience and contact center performance.


Altitude Workflow contact center software grants the contact center access to the workflows of the entire organization and guarantees that tasks delivered to agents have consistent information about the whole process.