Physical Security Products


Robur safes in Grade I-VI-EX are tested in accordance to European standard EN 1143-1 EFSG and certified by ECBS. They have also tested in accordance with NT Fire 017-60P. Their design is the most attractive in the industry today.

Night Safes

Robur has developed the Night Safe/ Cash-in-system to meet the market demands for fast and safe deposits. It can be configured to suit different locations and applications. The Night Safe is tested in accordance with the European standard EN 1143-2.

Deposit Safe

The Deposit Safe is a Euro tested safe as per 1143-1 in Grade II and III and has a Deposit Unit which is an integral part of the safe, having the same protective material as the safe itself with additional anti-fishing protection.

Deposit Boxes

Robur’s deposit boxes with electronic combination lock or key lock are for storage of bank notes and cheques during working hours.

Prefabricated Vaults

Robur’s prefabricated strong rooms (PSR’s) are tested in accordance with the European standard EN 1143-1. Robur’s PSR are available in Grades III, V, VI, VIII, X and XI.

Strongroom Doors

Robur’s strongroom doors are tested and approved in Grades I, III, V, VII, VIII, X and XI in accordance with the European Standard EN 1143-1. In addition, our doors in Grade VIII, X and XI have also been subjected to and passed the demanding explosive and core drill tests and as such are certified as EX-CD doors. All doors are manufactured with dual locking, as standard, and can be fitted with various type European Standard high-security locks including keylock, mechanical combination lock and time lock, and also state of the art electronic locking with multiple functions including biometrics and remote IP management.