Folding Inserting Machines

We offer letter folding machines for a variety of applications. Our folder inserters are designed to suit specific needs. We offer low, medium, and high volume solutions for folding applications that provide the highest level of productivity and dependability.

Low Volume Document Folders and Inserters-for office use

  • DS-35
  • DS-63
  • DS-65

Medium Volume Folder Inserters-for busy mailrooms

  • DS-75i
  • DS-85i
  • DS-90i

High Volume Folder Inserters-production mail

  • DS-180i
  • DS-200i
  • DS-600i
  • DS-1200

Automated Insertion Management System

AIM helps you manage the mailroom and every mail piece with accuracy, flexibility and efficiency. It is compatible with DS-200 & DS-1000/1200.