Financial Cards

EMV cards

Gemalto’s EMV contact and contactless cards offer is built on several levels of specifications and options.

  • Cl​arista is our entry-level EMV card, designed for basic payment applications. It is a cost- effective offer that combines Gemalto’s security expertise and card personalization. ​
  • Optelio includes advanced payment cards that give financial institutions the option to go beyond payment, by adding applications to their cards.
  • Desineo is our offer for fully customizable payment cards built in accordance with your specifications.

Dynamic Code Verification (DCV) card

Gemalto’s next generation payment card improves security by removing the weakest link in the Card Not Present (CNP) payment chain.  The card allows Issuers to show their commitment to bring its cardholders stronger security while strongly decreasing the CNP Fraud management costs they bear. It is a classic contact or contactless EMV payment card that displays a dynamic security code, automatically changing over time without the cardholder’s intervention.​

EMV card with fingerprint biometrics

With a fingerprint sensor right on the card body, paying with an EMV card just got easier than ever before:

  • with a simple touch, no need to enter a PIN code on the Point-of-Sales (POS) Terminal to perform a payment transaction, both in contact mode and in contactless mode
  • no more limit on contactless payment transactions! The users are securely authenticated with their fingerprint and can enjoy the convenience of contactless for any amount
  • n​o upgrade is required on the POS, as the biometrics check is directly performed on the biometric card and nowhere else​

White Label Payment Application

PURE is an off-the-shelf payment application from Gemalto that is fully compliant with the EMV™ standard. It is designed for domestic schemes and private payment card associations looking for chip-based security and fast time to market.

PURE is a scheme-agnostic EMV application that private-label card issuers and national payment associations can use without the need to enter into a business agreement with another payment scheme.