Teller Cash Recyclers & Deposit Systems

Teller Cash Recyclers

Teller Cash Recyclers are used in the teller work environment to store and release bank notes according to denomination. They are capable of recognizing automatically the bank notes that are inserted in the input pocket and store them to 8 different recycling magazines. These magazines are then used to service cash outs requested by the teller, significantly reducing the cash in and cash out in various teller environments. Teller Cash Recyclers are equipped with a time delay lock, various input and output alarm mechanisms and the recognition of banknotes can be done at various security levels.

Deposit Systems

Teller Cash Dispensers can serve two tellers simultaneously for cash withdrawal transactions, offering increased security and control, while minimizing cash handling time, increasing accuracy, eliminating payment errors and enhancing security by reducing the amount of money in open cash drawers. Teller Cash Dispensers can be fitted with an envelope deposit mechanism according to customers’ needs.

C-LINK Software Platform

This software gives a further added value to CIMA devices, thanks to different services that allow to increase the level of information about one’s own fleet of machines and simplify their management at the same time.


  • Remote distribution of the firmware updates as well as the recognition sensor: this allows to have a fleet of machines always updated in a short time, without requiring any interventions in the field.
  • Remote monitoring of the status of the devices in real time: this enables to identify possible problems from a remote post, allowing an improvement of the quality of the help-desk service with more certain and detailed information.
  • Remote monitoring of the contents of the devices and of the cash handling in real time: this allows to have always a global vision of the level of use of one’s own devices through suitable reports and statistics.
  • Remote management of the configuration of the devices: any configuration can be carried out from remote post with no need of on-site interventions.
  • Production of the statistics about the handling of unfit banknotes according to the Central Bank current regulation.